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Please read these instructions before submitting a disbursement request. Any instructions not followed may delay processing of your request.

General Information

  • Disbursements are processed on Tuesday each week and checks are mailed on Wednesday
  • It may take 1 to 2 weeks to receive a disbursement check; the time frame depends on the nature of the request, the dollar amount, the day request is received, and receipt of necessary documentation
  • Checks will NOT be written payable to the trust beneficiary
  • Medical, dental and support service expenses are eligible for payment with trust funds only AFTER governmental assistance and/or private insurance has been met and proper documentation has been received
  • Bills eligible to be paid through the trust should be submitted with a FULL copy of the detailed invoice (not just the payment coupon), showing the services provided and listing the trust beneficiary as the customer
  • If you have not received the disbursement check within 2 weeks, please contact our office

Credit Card Payments

  • Credit card bills will be paid directly to the credit card vendor
  • Only charges that are eligible to be paid with trust funds can be approved
  • Itemized receipts MUST accompany the full itemized credit card bill
  • Interest and/or late payment fees will not be approved
  • You are responsible for making a minimum payment to avoid late fees if the trust payment cannot be made prior to the credit card payment due date

Recurring Requests

  • AFTER the recurring request is approved, you may change the billing address so that the bills are mailed directly to our office each month
  • Full copies of bill/invoice statements must be submitted each month or recurring payment will not be issued
  • Types of bills eligible for monthly payments are:
    • Cable
    • Internet
    • Telephone/Cell Phone
    • Insurance
    • Bus Pass
  • IMPORTANT FOR HOUSING ASSISTANCE RECIPIENTS: Recurring payments may have an adverse affect on your HUD or Section 8 housing benefits. Please check with your local housing authority before submitting a recurring request
  • Recurring Requests are valid for 1 year – request must be renewed each year in order for payments to continue


Disbursement requests may be submitted via:


Fax 503.363.7168

Mail: 2405 FRONT STREET NE, SUITE 120, SALEM OR 97301

Online Form


Request Form Downloads

 Disbursement Request Form – General

 Disbursement Request Form – Recurring Payment

 Disbursement Request Form – Travel Planning


Online Request

Submit Online Form

Supporting documentation for a request MUST be sent separately via:


Fax 503.363.7168

Mail: 2405 FRONT STREET NE, SUITE 120, SALEM OR 97301


Supporting Documents

Appropriate documentation to support a disbursement request may include:

  • Itemized Receipt
  • Itemized invoice/bill showing services provided and trust beneficiary’s name as recipient of those services
  • Purchase Order
  • Verification that medical expenses/services are not covered by insurance or public benefits
  • Website print out of specific items to be purchased

You should refer to your Welcome Handbook for additional instructions about special purchases, such as vehicles or vacation planning.

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