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Whether you are looking to help out at the local or state level, we are always in need of volunteers to help us in reaching our goals.

You may contact the local chapters directly, or view the volunteer opportunities listed below to find out how you can donate your time and skills. Even if you do not see something here that appeals to you, we encourage you to contact us to find out about other options that are available.

Board of Directors

The roles and responsibilities of The Arc Oregon Board of Directors include, but are not limited to, determining the Mission of The Arc Oregon, maintaining an Executive Director to preside over management of The Arc Oregon, working with the Executive Director to determine how The Arc Oregon carries out its mission through short and long term planning reviews, adopting an annual budget and providing fiscal oversight. 

Committee Membership

Committees help The Arc of Oregon meet our responsibilities to members, local chapters and constituents. Committees provide advice, counsel and wisdom to guide The Arc’s Board in its decision-making and recommend policies and actions for the Board’s consideration. All Committees are responsible to the Board and are appointed by the Board President with the advice of the Board. The Arc has a number of standing committees, and special committees may be appointed as necessary. The following committees are currently active:


The Resource Development Committee helps to conceptualize, plan, and carry out The Arc’s financial goals and achieve adequate resources to enable The Arc to conduct the programs necessary to achieve its vision and carry out its mission. This includes developing sustainable financial resources to support the organization and all of its programs and responsibilities.


The Finance Committee oversees The Arc’s financial health. The Committee reviews and recommends approval of the annual budget, monitors financial performance and legal and regulatory fiscal compliance. It oversees the annual audit, develops and provides oversight on financial policies and practices and reviews and makes recommendations on The Arc’s investments and investment policies.


The Board Development Committee assures that the composition of the Board of Directors of The Arc meets the current and future leadership needs of the organization. The Committee establishes recruiting priorities, conducts outreach, screens and evaluates applicants, and recommends board and officer candidates, as well as identifying potential members for The Arc’s committees. The Committee is also responsible for ongoing organizational evaluation, training and leadership development.


The OSNT Committee monitors the special needs trust. The Committee evaluates the existing trust structures and procedures for clarity and compliance with best practices, advises the Board as to needed changes in strategic goals, policies and practices and consults with and advises staff on specific questions of procedure, appeals and grievances with regard to specific trust accounts as needed.


The Nominating Committee has a membership prescribed by the organizational bylaws. The committee selects a slate of one or more eligible persons for each Board Officer and Director position and three or more eligible persons to serve on the Nomination committee. The Committee is active throughout the year, may work closely with the Board Development Committee and submits its slate of nominees to the Board Secretary at least 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting.


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