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Fee Schedule

The Arc Oregon has set the following fees for GAPS services:

Guardianship Fees: $50/hour

Advocacy Assistance: $35/hour

Appointed Health Care Representation: $150/6 months

By comparison, most professional fiduciaries in Oregon charge between $95 and $150 per hour for the same services.


Private Pay 

GAPS services may be paid for with by family members, from a family trust, from the individual’s personal funds, or from a Special Needs Trust. Family members who are currently involved in future planning for a loved one are encouraged to discuss trust options with their attorney when finalizing their estate planning.

GAPS acknowledges that many individuals have limited financial resources and cannot afford to pay for GAPS services. The Arc Oregon may elect to serve individuals on a pro bono basis if there are no funds to pay for needed services.




The Arc Oregon is a non-profit agency that conducts fund raising activities to support its programs. Financial support is generated through grants, including the Glossup Evans Fund through the Oregon Community Foundation, as well as private donations.


Government Contracts

GAPS also has a contract with the State of Oregon Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Division to serve a limited number of Oregonians who fit the following criteria:

    • They have significant medical needs and are not eligible for an Appointed Health Care Representative due to their residential situation or conflict on the ISP team.
    • They require guardianship to protect them from victimization.



The Arc Oregon Bingo hall, located in Eugene, Oregon, was established specifically to raise funds for our GAPS program. For over 20 years our beloved Bingo players have helped us serve individuals throughout Oregon. 



We also accept private and corporate donations that help to offset the costs of program administration and allow us to accept clients into the GAPS program who have no other means of payment for our services. Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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