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For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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GAPS services are open to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities who reside in the state of Oregon. With the exception of Parental Assistance Services, the person referred must not have any family or friend willing and able to provide needed services.

Priority is given to:

  • Individuals whose parents/guardians have made a testamentary nomination specifically requesting The Arc Oregon to provide advocacy, guardianship, or other services.
  • Individuals whose circumstances demonstrate that they are at risk and in need of short or long term intervention services.


The Referral Process



For those seeking GAPS services in the future for a family member (testamentary nomination), there is just one form to complete and submit:

  • Guardianship Application – Questions pertaining to family history, medical and financial information and other related issues.

The GAPS Program Director will contact you after reviewing the completed forms. All information remains confidential. For a testamentary nomination, your will or trust should indicate your decision for The Arc of Oregon GAPS Program to be named future guardian of your family member.



For immediate, non-family referrals (generated by case managers, personal agents, medical professionals, social workers and providers), complete an appropriate application based on the type of service being requested:

All referrals are reviewed by staff and approved by the Board of Directors of The Arc Oregon. Decisions to accept new clients are made based on staff capacity, finances, and level of need. Most decisions are made within 30 days; however, if it is an emergency referral, this process can be expedited.



Please send us a message or call 503.581.2726.

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