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Andy-small-largeThe Arc Oregon strives to inspire positive change  in public policy and attitudes toward individuals experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Advocacy for public policy changes takes many forms such as public speaking, giving testimony before a legislative committee or at a public hearing and assisting parents with IEPs in their child’s school.

Through our collaboration with elected officials, leaders of state agencies and other advocacy organizations, we advocate for funding, legislation, regulations and policies that make a positive difference in the lives of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and families. Our biggest achievement in this area was in the Staley vs. Kitzhaber case that eliminated state institutions and implemented the current system of Self-Directed Support Services in Oregon.

But our work is not done! You can make a difference by joining our public advocacy efforts.

The Arc Oregon strives to empower individuals and families to advocate for themselves, but increasing the “voice” of individuals with intellectual disabilities in our community is an important piece of The Arc Oregon’s advocacy efforts. Acceptance by the communities in which they live and having membership in those communities is vital to our advocacy efforts. We need you to become a member of The Arc because  the more members we have, the stronger our voice is when we are advocating.


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